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Tu TEn Vas - Caravelli And His Magnificent Strings - When Will I See You Again (Vinyl, LP, Album)


Caravelli And His Magnificent Strings ‎– San Remo Greatest Hits Label: Columbia ‎– CL, CBS ‎– CL, Columbia ‎– CS stereo5/5(1). Label: CBS/Sony - SONX • Series: SX68Sound • Format: Vinyl LP Gatefold • Country: Japan • Genre: Jazz • Style: Easy Listening Caravelli And His Magnificent Strings - Caravelli Canzone Deluxe (, Gatefold, Vinyl) | Discogs5/5(1). View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Star Box on Discogs.

This plane was the first jet created for the short-haul market. The first Caravelle entered service for Air France on May 9, France was proud of it. He signed a contract with the French record label Versailles. In he composed " Et Satan conduit le bal " original soundtrack under his real name, French film starred by young Catherine Deneuve. An EP record was issued in France. Later Versailles is acquired by Columbia records Thanks to CBS worldwide distribution facilities soon he started a real international career, obtaining gold records in France, Japan, Israel and South America.

Jourdan, English lyrics by Paul Anka. Making a delayed justice, a few years ago, it was proclaimed the Best Song in the history of this Festival, in its 40th Anniversary, something unusual for a non 1st prize in any song contest. This song was also covered by Raymond Lefevre. The doors were opened, revealing the Entrance Hall where the Beauxbatons students and Madame Maxime were waiting.

Understanding that secrets might be at play here, Harry spoke no further of the matter, taking instead to joining his schoolmates as they entered the Great Hall. The four house tables were waiting, with empty plates, goblets and cutlery aligned neatly. The floating candles were overhead, casting their glow alongside the burning torches by the walls.

The four Hogwarts houses separated to sit at their respective tables. The Beauxbatons students mixed in with the Ravenclaws, while most of the Durmstrang students went towards the Slytherin table. Viktor and his four friends, on the other hand, broke away from their delegation and followed Harry to the Gryffindor table.

This started another round of hullabaloo as the lions realized that the seeker would be elevating their status tonight by sitting with them, pulling jealous glares and looks of envy from students at the other tables, particularly Slytherin, and especially a certain Draco Malfoy.

There was a mad rush to sit as close to Viktor as possible at the Gryffindor table. Viktor automatically took the spot next to him. With all the spaces near Viktor taken, the rest of the disappointed Gryffindors were forced to sit elsewhere along the table, since the staff had taken their places at the high table, which meant the Welcoming Feast would be starting.

And, at least they were sharing a table with Viktor himself. The Gryffindor bookworm then turned to Harry. Those surrounding the Golden Trio, upon hearing this, all leaned in to hear the full story. And to our friends from the continent, we welcome you humbly to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The Tri-Wizard Tournament will officially begin later tonight, but for now, let us all satisfy our empty stomachs.

Dig in, everyone! Dumbledore clapped three times. Platters of food from across the European continent magically appeared on the tables, along with pitchers of various drinks. Lively chatter broke out in the hall, as everyone ate and drank their fill. Harry got a little nervous when Dumbledore mentioned the tournament. But his growling stomach distracted him towards the food.

And quite frankly, he had no idea where to begin. There were just so many dishes to choose from. Maybe he should ask Viktor for his favorites. Viktor scanned the table for a moment, his eyes falling on one particular dish.

Using his wand, Viktor levitated it over, and set it down in front of them. Amidst the chatter, the section surrounding the Golden Trio of the Gryffindor table fell dead silent. Slowly, this spread to the entire length of the table, as more noticed that their fellow housemates had stopped chatting and realized what was going on.

Viktor had brought the spoonful of musaka towards Harry. The latter engulfed the layered cube whole, Viktor pulling the spoon away from his lips immediately after. Harry chewed tentatively, letting the flavor permeate his Yalnız Kaldım - Kamufle - Hayale Daldım (CD, Album) buds.

Oblivious to their surroundings, the stunned Gryffindors, particularly the girls, began whispering amongst themselves, gossiping and speculating. Hermione merely raised an eyebrow at the display, while Ron was struck dumb again, a chicken drumstick halfway to his open mouth, unmoving. But their questions had to wait.

The dishes were suddenly cleared, as Dumbledore stood up from his seat again. This is the moment that we have all been waiting for. It is my honor to announce that the Tri-Wizard Tournament has officially commenced! Polite clapping echoed through the Great Hall. Harry clapped too, but the nervous churning of his stomach was I Wanna Touch U There - Sarah Connor - Unbelievable (CD, Album) again.

Only one winner. Eternal glory awaits. Three tasks, dangerous creatures, life-threatening moments. I ask you, are you brave enough to take on these challenges?

Please give a warm welcome to Mr. The hall echoed with applause, though it was much louder for Bagman than Crouch. Dumbledore waited for the clapping to cease, before continuing. Crouch and Mr. Bagman, alongside Madame Maxime, Mr. Now then, Mr.

Bring in the casket please! The loathed caretaker of Hogwarts ambled in with a bejeweled casket made of wood. Harry watched intensely as it was placed before Dumbledore. Dumbledore pulled out what looked like a plainly-made wooden cup. Harry watched the spectacle uneasily. However, be warned that if your name is chosen, there is no backing out. You will be bound to a magical contract that will force you to see through the entire tournament.

If you break that contract, you will forfeit your magic. I have set an age-line that would repel underage students from taking part. Just a fair warning to all, but I am sure that you will have no trouble following that rule. Harry could have played it off as a trick of the light, but he swore he noticed Dumbledore turn his gaze on the Weasley twins, whom Harry had overheard conspiring to age themselves up in order to compete some time before.

Until then, thank you for your time, and I wish you all a good night! The hall erupted into applause again. The chatter picked up again as the students and staff stood up from the tables and made their way out. All four agreed, having nothing better to do until curfew. Of course, word spread quickly through the other Gryffindors, and the excitement went straight through the magical ceiling.

Their housemates followed closely behind, all wanting to get a closer look at Viktor. The Gryffindors and five Durmstrang students were just about to exit the Great Hall, when a sneering voice cut them off. Why, just wondering why Krum is lowering his standards to mingle among lowly folk like you Gryffindorks?

Several Gryffindors, particularly Ron, looked ready to hex Draco to next Sunday. The Malfoy heir ignored this, and approached the seeker. A hush fell, those watching waiting with bated breath how the seeker would respond. Harry still had his murderous glare, but inside, he was worried that Viktor was going to abandon him for the blonde peacock. Eyes widened, and mouths fell open as Viktor verbally tore into Draco.

The Death Eater vho claimed the Imperious defense during his trial and got off scot-free? People like him sicken me, and so do you. Looks of awe graced the faces of many of his schoolmates, including Ron. Harry then felt being led away from the scene. Even if it was meant to be a whisper, Viktor made it loud enough so that Draco heard it too, and the insult towards his mother.

Roaring in fury, Viktor pulled Harry to him, fished out his own wand and hurled a jinx at Draco, just as another familiar voice echoed through. He had appeared suddenly at the scene, and had taken his own wand out and fired another spell at Draco. Both spells hit the blonde at the same time with a colossal bang, shaking the entranceway of the Great Hall and sending showers of dust raining down on the gathered students. Coughing, spluttering and squeaking reined as the dust took a while to dissipate.

As the dust finally settled, those watching were met with a shocking, and admittedly hilarious sight. Where Draco previously stood only a moment before, was a snowy-white ferret with…purple tentacles for paws. It was squeaking frantically, trying and failing to stand up as its tentacles slipped about comically. Harry was the first to break out of his stupor.

A snort escaped his lips, then a chuckle. Finally, the bespectacled fourth-year broke out in rambunctious laughter, tears beginning to trickle down his cheeks. Like a domino effect, other students began laughing and pointing as Ferret-Draco tried to escape the Great Hall. This will teach you to attack somebody from behind! If not for Viktor still holding him securely, Harry was sure he would have fallen over and started rolling around in his uncontrollable laughter.

Other students were in similar plights, holding onto friends or strangers to keep themselves steady as they laughed their socks off. The students stopped laughing at the familiar voice, some parting ways to allow a frantic Professor McGonagall through. Absolutely cowardly. McGonagall shrieked in horror. She drew her own wand and cancelled the spells on the helpless creature. It just so happened that the ferret reverted back into a human Draco while it was still in the air.

Those watching winced as the blonde ponce crashed back onto the floor, the sound of bones cracking audible in their ears. And there he stayed, sprawled out, unable to move. We cut house points, give detentions or bring the matter up to the head of house. Moody roughly pulled a limp Draco from the floor, a groan of pain fluttering out from his cut lips. With that, the crowd dispersed, but the chatter returned to excited back-and-forths about the performance of a lifetime.

Harry turned to Viktor, who had finally relaxed from the whole debacle. Thanks to the Draco-being-turned-into-a-half-ferret-half-squid-creature-and-tossed-about-the-Great-Hall incident, not everyone remembered that Viktor and his friends were supposed to be visiting the Gryffindor common room that evening.

No need for the password for this occasion! Klaus, Anastazja, Nicolae and Uliana gave their thanks too, and followed Viktor through the portrait hole. Once inside, the Durmstrang students gave the red and gold-colored schemed room a sweeping look, from the lit fireplace to the many armchairs dotting the circular room. Some of the younger students shivered involuntarily at the thought of such frigid temperatures. You promised to tell us how you and Krum met!

The bespectacled fourth-year turned to his friend, who had sat himself down on the armrest. Viktor nodded, giving his Album). There was a rush to sit as close to Harry as possible, many sitting cross-legged on the carpeted floor while others took the remaining armchairs.

Some stood, unable to find a spot to take. The entirety of Gryffindor house and four Durmstrang students listened in complete awe as Harry recounted the events leading up to him rescuing Viktor after finishing off the three Death Eaters who were attacking the seeker. For the sake of the younger students, Harry deliberately omitted the part where he killed one of the Death Eaters and gravely wounded the other two, and the ways of how he disposed of the six others before that.

He then explained how they retreated to the woods, which was where their friendship was formed whilst waiting for rescue. I was just running around, trying to find my bearings. Murmurs continued to spread through the common room. Ron looked conflicted yet again, his eyes gleaming with hurt if one looked closely.

It appeared that no one did, so the storytelling session came to an end. Hermione went to do the last option, while Ron bagged an armchair, deep in thought. Vhy do you ask? It was thus decided that they would go fetch the eagle to reunite the two feathery friends in the Hogwarts Owlery.

After notifying Klaus of their departure, Harry and Viktor left the common room through the portrait hole, completely unaware of the scrutinizing eyes of a certain Ron Weasley. They went down the path towards the Great Lake, where the Durmstrang ship sat anchored on the smooth, moon-reflecting water.

The air was definitely chillier than when the foreign delegations arrived, but a good warming charm cleared up that issue quickly. Conceding that point to Viktor, Harry followed behind the seeker, gingerly climbing up the gangplank. Stepping on board, Viktor led Harry to a door, which opened to a staircase going downwards. After descending down the staircase, and bypassing several doors to other decks, Viktor stopped at a door, and pushed it open.

A corridor greeted them. It was completely sparse, the Τι Έχεις Φίλε - Άγγελος Διονυσίου - Άγγελος Διονυσίου (Cassette, Album), ceiling and walls were all constructed from wooden planks, with doors made from a darker type of wood on both sides.

The only objects of any ornate design were the brass knockers on the doors, and the metal lanterns burning The Beatles - Revolver (Vinyl), casting soft glows down the length of the corridor. They reached the last door on the left side of the corridor. Viktor took out his wand, canceled the wards and keyed Harry in.

He then pushed the door open, giving Harry his first look into the room. There was definitely an enlargement charm placed in the room, Harry noted, as it was definitely bigger inside than what it appeared to be on the outside. The walls were made of the same plain wooden planks as the corridor outside, but the otherwise bare floor was covered by a simply-designed rug.

At one end of the room, was a four-poster bed with fur quilts and soft pillows. Next to the bed was a wooden bedside table with drawers. Next to that was plush loveseat embossed with floral patterns. At the other end of the room, was a writing desk and chair set. But Harry zeroed in on where the purpose of their visit was. She let out a loud trill. Harry, meanwhile, was taking a good look at the room. Do you see that door over there?

Karkaroff has the only other room on this ship that has its own private bath. The others have to bathe in the communal showers on the deck below us. Harry nodded. He had already seen first-hand how much favoritism the Durmstrang headmaster had for Viktor, if being shown off to Dumbledore like a show dog earlier was any indication. I vas forbidden to help. Harry shook his head exasperatedly with a sigh.

If he thought Dumbledore was bad after his years at Hogwarts, Karkaroff seemed to take the cake. With the exception of Madame Maxime, of course. She seemed to be only one who had good character and was truly respected by all of her students….

Did they have a falling out in the past? Viktor stayed silent for a moment. The seeker magically locked the door and casted privacy and silencing wards along the outer perimeter of the room to ensure maximum security. Can I have your promise to that? He vas tried by the British Ministry and on his vay to Azkaban, vhen he struck a deal by giving the names of other Death Eaters.

He vas let go, and he fled to the continent. By the time I started school at Durmstrang, he vas already the headmaster. And since Madame Maxime was half-giant, that fact alone put her on the hate list of people like Karkaroff.

About Madame Maxime, I learnt that vhen I vas on an exchange program with Beauxbatons three years ago. Apparently, if you vere caught commenting about her height in her ear-shot, or if someone reported you, the punishment vould Album) severe. He understood very clearly why Viktor made him promise to keep these details to himself. If word got out, it would not only just be a major social faux pas, but people could get hurt, and not just metaphorically. Seeing that the atmosphere had become somewhat dark by all of these secrets, Harry knew right away that a change in subject was warranted.

Harry, Viktor and Velia left the Durmstrang ship behind them as they crossed the grounds towards the Hogwarts Owlery. The towering home of the owls stood silhouetted against the moon, and even though the walls were made of stone, the sound of owls hooting and wings flapping could be faintly heard. Harry pushed the door open, the hinges screeching loudly from rust.

This caused all hooting and flying to stop, and turn towards the door, which was a bit comical as one owl had stopped in mid-flight and had plummeted a few feet before frantically taking to the air again. The two seekers, plus eastern imperial eagle, entered, the door closing noisily behind them. Velia stood proud, regal, and distant, as if to say that none of these owls who were staring at her were of anything significant.

Rather annoyed of being shaken from her sleep, Hedwig slowly appeared out of the corner to see who her owner was talking about. All annoyance and sleepiness disappeared in a flash however, when her eyes fell on Velia perched on a grinning Viktor. Hedwig let out a loud hoot, hopped off the platform, and soared downwards towards the seekers. The two birds of prey flew around one another, hooting and trilling, before soaring up back towards the platform where the snowy owl had been snoozing, and disappearing from sight.

Viktor was right to turn serious. Things were silent for a moment, save for the owls hooting around them. Viktor knew that any mention of the goblet was an unnerving topic for his friend, but he wanted to be honest, as any real friend should be. Harry understood that very quickly. Viktor was by far the most accomplished wizard of the entire delegation, and not just because of his Quidditch prowess.

Through their letters, Harry learnt that Viktor excelled in his studies, from a regimen of diligent revision and tutoring from his father. Not that LP resulted in an over-inflated ego, thank Merlin for that.

Viktor nodded, waiting for Harry to take his leave first. As the door opened and closed noisily behind them, Hedwig was in a midst of a bird-conversation with Velia. Hedwig hooted again, almost inaudibly this time. She inched closer to the eagle, eyes looking down, appearing to shuffle from one foot to the other.

Hedwig looked up, facing the eagle, as she too inched closer, and nuzzled her beak against the white feathers on her head. The snowy owl cooed, eyes slowly closing as Velia wrapped a wing around her form, keeping her close. In a tender moment, unnoticed by the other owls, Hedwig and Velia shared their first kiss, the bond between the two birds of prey forging into an unbreakable love that would last a lifetime.

Meanwhile, back in the castle, Harry and Viktor were also sharing a tender moment, but for a different reason.

When they arrived in the Great Hall, it was empty. The tables were cleared away, and floating candles from the feast earlier had vanished, leaving only dim torches to illuminate the hall, with the added help of the stars twinkling in Album) enchanted ceiling above.

That, and the eerie blue glow Uneasy - Jan Wolf (2) - Serenata (Vinyl, LP, Album) the flames dancing out from the mouth of the goblet, and the age-line drawn clearly on the ground surrounding the goblet.

Outside of the line, there was a table. On it, was a quill steeped into an ink bottle, and a stack of small pieces of parchment. Viktor went over to the desk, took a parchment piece, pulled out the quill, and wrote his name down. Harry watched silently as Viktor moved away the table, stepped through the age-line, and stood before the flaming goblet. The seeker threw the parchment into the goblet, and it was done.

Even when Viktor stepped back over the age-line, Harry never tore his eyes away from the goblet. The Bulgarian seeker immediately saw the fear and vulnerability swimming in those emerald irises.

But any mention of the goblet fills me with chilling dread. It reminds me of all the times my life and the lives of those around me were threatened by something unexpected happening. People have died in this tournament, that was why they stopped it in the first place. You are my first true friend, Viktor. Someone who knows me as Harry Potter, not the Boy-Who-Lived, and understands that I have fears and worries just like everyone else.

The seeker stepped closer, arms wrapping around the shorter male in a tight hug. Your fear is genuine. You Coeur De Loup - Various - 80s (CD) not vant pain. Even if the vhole vorld ends, I vill be by your side. I promise that. Viktor tightened his hug to underline his declaration. The next day came. Harry woke up, still feeling uneasy from the night before.

It was the day of the selection, less than twelve hours to go. The only solace came from Viktor. Time, in the end, stopped for no man.

Harry ate very little during the feast, as he had for the two previous meals. The general excitement in the air did not help things with his growing anxiety. When the plates, cutlery and goblets were magically cleared away, everyone knew the big event was upon them. Any moment now, we should expect to see the names of the selected champions.

Those who are selected, please proceed to the antechamber on my right. The headmaster took out his wand, and waved it across the hall. All of the floating candles overhead went out with a puff. Now, the only source of light was the goblet, which casted a bluish glow across the Great Hall.

Harry felt his stomach tie itself into knots, sensing an ominous wisp in the glow of the goblet. Moments later, the blue flames turned red, prompting awed murmurs.

Dumbledore caught parchment, and peered at the name written on it. Everyone held their breath. A wave of applause and cheers swept the hall. Harry clapped politely as Viktor emotionlessly got up from his space next to him, amidst the cheers from his friends at the Gryffindor table. Harry acknowledged it with a Rockin´ In Rhythm - Johnny Hodges.

Oliver Nelson. Leon Thomas - Three Shades Of Blue (Vinyl, LP). As the clapping faded, the flames turned red again. More sparks erupted as the vortex of fire threw up another parchment. Another wave of applause rippled through the audience, as a beautiful girl with platinum-blonde hair that flowed down in gentle waves stood up, looking decidedly proud of herself, and went up to Dumbledore, took her parchment, and disappeared into the antechamber.

The applause died down. Now the Hogwarts champion would be chosen. The tension in the air was so thick, even a cutting curse would not have cut through it entirely. Harry watched the flames turned red again, heart thumping wildly against his chest and a mild feeling of nausea as the third parchment was thrown into the air.

Harry and his schoolmates clapped as Diggory got up from his seat, cheered and smacked on the back by his fellow Hufflepuffs as they celebrated the achievement of having one of their own selected for such an honor.

Diggory disappeared into the antechamber, like his two fellow champions before him, as Dumbledore turned to the rest of the students. Dumbledore was interrupted by the sound of sparks. All eyes were now on the goblet, as for some reason unfathomable to those watching, the blue flames have turned red again.

Dumbledore caught it, and peered at what it contained. Back again with another chapter, things are going to head into drama territory starting from here on out, so buckle yourself in, for we have a ride ahead.

Everyone was staring at Harry, eyes wide and disbelieving, mouths hanging open. The De Verdrietige Kerstman - Léonie Sazias - Kleuterkerst Kerstmis Met Haasje En Rammelaar (CD) Hogwarts houses, the staff, the foreign students, they were all turned towards a bespectacled boy at the Gryffindor table.

No one moved, no one said anything. Poor Harry, his fears have come to light. The worst had happened; he had been thrust completely unwillingly into the tournament. He was the fourth champion, and he felt the world crashing down around him. He wanted to run, run anywhere. Just away from the Great Hall, from Hogwarts, from everything.

Harry felt like vomiting, he felt sick, he felt like he was drowning in the middle of the ocean, help nowhere in sight, death coming for him with its scythe. Harry made no movement to get up. He felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Klaus. He really wanted to tell the German student, or anyone for that matter, that he did not put his name in the goblet. But his voice remained stuck in his throat, unable to produce any words.

Klaus nudged Harry, prompting him to go up. He barely registered the headmaster handing him the parchment and telling him to head into the antechamber. His legs mechanically took him there, his eyes open, unblinking, as if in a catatonic state.

Inside the antechamber, was a roaring fireplace, a few armchairs scattered about on a floor covered by a rug, and display cases lined with trophies and awards of all shapes and sizes. And standing, or sitting, around the fireplace, were Viktor, Cedric, and Fleur. Harry Always Run To You - Bon Jovi - 7800° Fahrenheit (Cassette, Album) one step forward, just as his legs lost their strength and he crumpled towards the floor like a ragdoll.

Thanks to his lightning-fast reflexes honed from intense training as a seeker, Viktor was able to catch Harry before the latter crashed onto the floor in a dead-faint. Fleur stood up from her armchair, as she and Cedric watched in confusion as Viktor tried to steady his friend. The door burst open, and Ludo Bagman appeared in the room, smiling like a kid whose Christmas came early. Simply incredible! Never has this happened before in the history of this tournament! Harry shrunk back, N.A.T.O.

- Discount (3) - Disorder Of Country (Cassette) Viktor was angry at him. But all he saw was disbelief, shock, and extreme worry. Harry slowly nodded, his eyes starting to shimmer with pained tears. Before Viktor, or either of the other two champions, could utter another word, more footsteps came towards the door.

Obviously not content with his fame, he somehow tricked the goblet to make him a champion and show to us once again how he is above the rules like the arrogant brat he is. Still dazed by events that had transpired, Harry barely registered the malicious slight on his character by the greasy git. Potter is only a fourth-year! How do you expect him to trick an ancient magical artifact like the goblet? All eyes were now turned towards the boy. Harry inwardly shuddered under the appraising looks, Viktor tightening his hug protectively.

The resulting blast shook the room, rattling the display cases. Mirišu Ti Kose screamed, stumbling backwards and nearly landing on her behind, if not for the quick actions of Madame Maxime, catching her in time and steadying her.

Eyes went wide with disbelief, and mouths hung open from the sudden attack. Apologize to Harry at once!

Scandalized gasps echoed in the antechamber. Despite the insult being like a slap to her face, Fleur steeled herself and stood defiantly towards the seeker.

Viktor retaliated with a roar. He fired a banishing charm at Fleur, who was thrown backwards into a display case. The French champion crashed against the case, sending it toppling backwards on its side, one of its glass walls shattering on impact and the awards inside thrown about like the numbered balls in a Bingo mill. The adults in the room reacted with horror, just as Fleur found her bearings again. With an outraged shout, she drew her wand and fired a curse back at Viktor, who shielded Harry from the spell while barely dodging it.

The seeker prepared to cast again, but before an all-out war could begin between the two champions, Dumbledore fired a loud blast from his wand, effectively ending the would-be duel instantly.

Please, calm yourselves! There is no vay he could have put his name into the goblet! He is ten times the adult than you and every single one of you all combined! All before he is even fourteen?!

Cedric, Fleur, Madame Retard The Non-Essential - Re-Activate - Prevailing Domination (Cassette, Album) and Karkaroff gaped in shock.

Moody raised an eyebrow, McGonagall looked stunned at the thought of Harry incapacitating Death Eaters, while Dumbledore remained calmly neutral. How else would you believe the lies that he constantly spills to gain attention to boost his over-inflated ego?

The potions professor was immediately hit in the chest by a powerful stinging hex from Viktor. The greasy git tumbled backwards into the wall behind him, clutching the spot where the spell had hit him, groaning in pain.

The others gasped, horrified that a student had attacked a member of staff. You show blatant favoritism to your own students and belittle everyone else. Just how petty and immature are you, you greasy disgrace of a scumbag?! Vhich brings me to my next question. Crouch, is Harry still required to take part in this Merlin-forsaken tournament? Rules be damned! I vill help Harry through this tournament. I vill show him that he has me by his side to ensure he survives thanks to your blatant negligence and incompetence in this farce!

It will be a test of your courage, and it will be held at the Quidditch pitch. He then directed Harry, who was still held close by his arm, away from the group and towards the door.

Still recovering from the drama, Harry could only nod silently, as the pair stepped out of the antechamber, the door closing with click behind them. Harry and Viktor left the antechamber behind them and crossed the now vacant Great Hall in silence. When they entered the Entrance Hall, they were surprised to find Klaus, Nicolae, Uliana and Anastazja waiting furtively for them. Upon seeing the two seekers, the four Durmstrang students rushed up to them. A collective gasp was the response of the four Durmstrang students.

He only hoped his fellow Gryffindors, especially Hermione and Ron, would believe him and continue to support him like Viktor and his friends have done. His four friends agreed. After wishing Harry well and reiterating their support for him, the four left the Entrance Hall back to the ship. Viktor led Harry away from the hall, and together in silence, they passed through the corridors and staircases towards Gryffindor tower.

When they came to the portrait of the Fat Lady, she gave Harry an unreadable expression, which made his already unsettled mood worse. The Fat Lady swung her portrait aside, letting Harry and Viktor into the common room, where the whole of Gryffindor house was waiting. Harry immediately felt his heart crash into his stomach. It was like he was prisoner, being escorted into the courtroom to face a panel of justices and the jury, with the evidence against him so strong it was a near-certainty that his fate was sealed and acquittal is impossible.

Every face he saw held either contempt, disappointment, or hatred with an intensity he had never experienced before. But in a shock to his system, the words came from Ron, a very disappointed looking Hermione by his side. A noise of agreement echoed from the rest of the Gryffindors. Harry, whose fragile heart was further cracking, looked to Hermione for support, only to get a contemptuous sniff in return.

So you decided to become a champion of the tournament to further outshine us all! After all, you are the Boy-Who-Lived! An entitled, spoiled brat who gets whatever he wants and whenever he wants just because he slain a dark lord! As pain spread from his ruined heart to his entire soul, his emerald eyes lost their shimmer, turning a dull green. Harry was mere milliseconds from drawing his wand on his former friend, but Viktor beat him to it.

There was a flash of light, and a scream of pain. Ron crumpled to the floor, holding his nose, as the Gryffindors behind him scuttled back in shock. Blood was pouring freely from the broken nasal bone, courtesy of the bone-breaking hex Viktor had vehemently thrown at him.

He stomped over to the redhead, and viciously kicked him onto his back. Ron barely had time to register what had happened before all the air was knocked out him by Viktor slamming his foot down on his stomach.

How dare you slander Harry and his parents for something he never vanted? I ought to flay you all alive for this slight! A wave of fear swept through the Gryffindors, knowing Viktor would stay true to his promise, if Ron sprawled out in a heap was any indication.

But Harry intervened, preventing what would have been a bloodbath. The seeker turned to the shorter male. While his eyes remained dull, they still pleaded him not to cause anymore carnage.

Despite wanting to rain hell on those who wronged his friend, Viktor eventually relented, stepping back with Harry, while also giving Ron another kick to the side for good measure. I will no longer associate myself with a bunch of cowardly sheep who follow a weasel and a bookworm in their falsehoods. Thank you, you really saved me the effort. He is thanking lowly house-elf like Dobby for his work! Viktor nodded. They both made their way back to the portrait hole, only to be stopped by the same sneering voice that started this entire mess in the first place.

You are no longer welcome in Gryffindor! Harry stopped. With reflexes so fast that no one saw it coming, Viktor spun around and fired another bone-breaking hex at Ron, this time at his leg.

As the redhead Bayu-Baye - Various - Reggaeton A Lo Cubano (CD) in agony again, Viktor and Harry left the common room, the portrait door closing behind them with a click. Back again with another chapter everyone. We're venturing into the stage where Harry and Viktor become closer in the face of great animosity and threat.

The two seekers silently retraced their steps back towards the Entrance Hall. They went on their way uninterrupted, which was just as well for any heckler, for Viktor was in such a foul mood that if anyone had intercepted them with the intention of harassing Harry, the perpetrator would have been hexed until an emergency visit to St.

Thankfully, the use of bone-breaking hexes or other spells were no longer needed, as the pair left the castle behind them and made their way through the grounds towards the ship. Still fuming from the early debacles, Viktor grunted in appreciation. Using his wand to pull out his sleepwear from his trunk, LP, Viktor disappeared into the bathroom, leaving Harry to sort out his belongings.

Nodding to himself, Harry pulled out a pair of pajamas and clean underwear, closed his trunk, and moved over to the loveseat to wait Lookin In - Bad Religion - Recipe For Hate (Vinyl, LP, Album) Viktor to finish. Above the loveseat, was a porthole with a view of the Great Lake.

It was just as beautiful as one would see it either on the top deck, or along the shoreline. There was no breeze at this hour, leaving the surface of the lake as still and smooth like the pane of a mirror, reflecting the perfect image of the moon, stars and the trees of the Forbidden Forest. He had been selected, against his will, as a champion of the tournament, and was kicked out of Gryffindor house by the very people whom he thought were his friends.

The uncertainty of how badly the school will come to see him tomorrow was also another can of worms he had to deal with. Harry sat down on the loveseat, pajamas on his lap. He stared out towards the lake. Quietly, he reflected on everything that happened, on how everything had changed this year, and how the rest of the year would play out.

He was definitely still nervous about his survival in this tournament, but the one thing grounding him to a sane mindset, was Viktor. Viktor, unlike his former friends, had stayed by his side, swearing to do so in the antechamber. What was he, Harry Potter, still doing here then? Not even stopping to think that he too is a human with limitations on what he can do? The bathroom door opened. Pulling his thoughts back, Harry made to get up so that he could have his turn freshening up for the night, when he stopped dead in his movements, unable to tear his eyes away from the sight in front of him.

Viktor stepped back into the room, hair damp, towel draped over his broad shoulders, his sleepwear consisting of only boxers and a pair of shorts.

Harry felt a rush of blood to his cheeks as he eyed the sturdy, sculpted body of the Seeker of Bulgaria. Powerful, muscular arms, ripped torso with defined pecs and washboard abs, down to sturdy, muscled legs. Once the door closed however, Viktor allowed a small grin to appear.

The bathroom, like the bedroom, was a mix of basic and homely. It had the basic fittings — bathtub, sink, toilet bowl, and mirror. What would have been wooden planks for the floor, walls and ceiling, was transfigured into marble panels. The toilet bowl, sink, mirror and bathtub were lined with gold, and a small, candlelit chandelier hung from the ceiling, giving the room a soft, orange glow and allowing the light to reflect off the Beechwood Park - The Zombies - Recorded Live At Metropolis Studios, London (Vinyl, LP) in shimmers.

Harry put his sleepwear on a gold-plated clothes rack. Making his way over to the bathtub, he opened the hot-water tap fully, and the cold-water tap partially to get a nice balance of soothing hot water without the threat of being scalded. Letting the water fill the bathtub, Harry stripped off his uniform and took off his glasses. Letting the clothes drop onto the marble floor and placing his glasses on the sink counter, Harry LP off the taps, and tested the water to ensure it was just right. Satisfied, he slowly stepped into the tub, gently sinking into the hot water with a contented sigh.

Adjusting to the heat loosening up all the knots accumulated from a day of stress, Harry immersed himself fully into the water. It smelled of pinecones, a woodland scent, Harry remarked inwardly. The body-wash soap was of a different scent, a little more floral, if Harry had to guess. After rinsing off, Harry unplugged the tub. As the soapy water drained away, he stepped out of the tub, reaching for the spare towel that Viktor mentioned earlier, which was hanging on a metal rail opposite the tub.

Drying himself off, Harry draped the damp towel over the rail. He put on his sleepwear and his glasses, before picking up his dirty uniform for the house-elves to collect in the morning to wash and dry. I see no issue for the both of us sharing the bed. Plus, there was the part of him that screamed with joy at the thought of sleeping next to the one true friend who had gone through tumult with him and stayed by his side no matter what.

Outwardly, he nodded with a small smile. Leaving his trunk behind him, Harry walked over to the bed, and climbed into the left side, lying back with a contented sigh as his tired body pressed into the soft mattress. Viktor got up from the loveseat, and got into the unoccupied right side. Slipping under the quilt, Viktor picked up his wand, which had been placed on the bedside table, and whispered an incantation that turned the lights off.

Viktor closed his eyes, and slowly descended into the lull of sleep. Meanwhile, Harry stayed awake, staring at the canopy draped over the four posts. Viktor had rolled over onto his side, facing Harry, and still asleep. In a way, it was hard to link the Viktor who went spell-happy on people who had bad intentions towards him, and the Viktor who was sleeping quietly, as if he Возвращение - Владимир Нечаев И Владимир Бунчиков - Поют Песни Военных Лет (Vinyl, LP) no troubles in the world.

Those strong arms holding him tight, pressed against a broad, chiseled chest, made his stomach squeal with fuzziness when Harry thought in retrospect. Now though, he was dealing with a peaceful Viktor, and his heart was doing the thinking now.

Harry wanted to get closer, to shift over the few inches of mattress Holiest One - Mastedon - Lofcaudio (CD) him from his friend. Harry slowly, and as quietly as possible, scooted over to the sleeping Viktor, moving closer until only an inch or so of mattress separated them both.

He so desperately wanted to forge that intimate connection, but being this physically close to Viktor had reawakened his Ai Meus Amô - Mestres Boca Rica* E Bigodinho* - Capoeira Angola (CD, Album) brain.

It was now fighting with his heart for control of his thoughts and actions. But being this close also strengthened his emotions, and eventually, his heart won out. The muscle underneath was hard and strong, and Harry felt the steady heartbeat reverberate on his palm. Harry felt entranced, blood rushing to his cheeks in a blush. Feeling the strong muscle, in contrast to the soft heartbeat, shivers ran down his spine as raw intimacy and emotion seemed to fire his nerves with tingling shocks.

His head began to swirl from all rationality draining away, replaced by his strongest emotions. Harry felt his heart was going to explode from his chest. He had never been this physically close to someone in a bed before, without even going to mention that this person was an international Quidditch celebrity.

On the contrary, the desires of his heart were being fulfilled, and Harry felt warm all over. There was a feeling of strength, and security, being held tight in the arms of his friend. Though, Harry was also curious.

He wanted to test something…. But Harry was fine with that. Not only was the sense of security flooding his heart and easing his soul, there was a layer of protectiveness, The Stan Getz Quartet* - Nobody Else But Me / With The Wind And The Rain In Your Hair (Vinyl) even possessiveness, in the strength holding him close.

Involuntarily, pleasant shivers ran up his spine. It felt Up The Duff - Various - Pre Release CD Three (CD) to feel protected, when it was usually him doing the protecting.

It felt natural, even normal. Merlin, if this what normality felt like, Harry knew he had missed out on a lot. Letting the steady heartbeat slowly relax him, his eyes closed with a release of breath, the last sign of consciousness before Harry sank into his dreams.

Glancing at the smaller male in his arms, a tender smile stretched his lips. Quite frankly, he was surprised to be shaken awake when he heard Harry shift closer to him. The palm felt cool to the touch, sending an almost indiscernible shudder down his spine. Viktor then felt Harry shifting.

He wanted Harry, safe in his arms, to protect him from the evil of the world that had taken advantaged of him one too many times.

He growled at the thought of Harry being taken away from him. He would kill those who tried to deny Harry the normal life he deserved. Viktor contemplated loosening his arms, giving Harry the option to move away, even if his heart and soul screamed for Harry not to do so. Harry showed that he wanted this, by snuggling deeper into his warmth, ear pressed against his chest, hand gripping his arm, trying to make as much physical contact as possible. His half-lidded eyes slowly closed, and he joined Harry in the hums of slumber.

The night carried on, and all was silent. Save for the ripples of water splashing against the ship, soft breathing of two bodies cuddled together in an embrace, and two hearts slowly beating in a steady rhythm, together as one. I don't really have much to say, except things are going to be much different for Harry after his house's betrayal at the hands of his former friend. But at least he has Viktor and several allies for support. The new day brings new troubles, but that isn't going to stop Harry and Viktor from being spell-happy, causing a house-point crash, and making friends with a certain pair of redheaded twins, who are more than willing to turn against their own brother for betraying Harry.

Inevitably, the next morning dawned on the grounds of Hogwarts. But to a sleeping Viktor with a sleeping Harry wrapped snugly in his arms, the new day meant nothing, while they were still in the lulls of their dreams. Harry was the first to stir. Blinking a few times, Harry yawned. Licking his dry lips, Harry felt nature calling for him to do his morning business. Harry was conflicted. The added pressure was not helping with his control on his bladder that was threatening to explode. I need to go to the bathroom.

This time, it seemed to have gotten through. Viktor grunted, his closed eyes furrowing a little, before releasing and opening up. Could you please let me go? Viktor loosened his arms, allowing Harry to wriggle free. The Bulgarian seeker watched silently as Harry jumped out of the bed, rushed towards the bathroom, and slammed the door behind him.

Hearing an almost inaudible sigh of relief, Viktor stared blankly at his room, noticing the light of dawn from the porthole. Seconds ticked past, as Viktor slowly remembered the events of the previous night. Harry had spent the night with him. Harry shared his bed. They had cuddled together in their sleep. He had slept with Harry snuggled in his arms.

The next half-hour passed with little incident. After each finished their morning rituals, Harry and Viktor got changed and prepared themselves for the day ahead. Despite what had happened in the Gryffindor common room the night before, Harry was still a student of Hogwarts.

He still had to attend lessons and meals. Furthermore, they were both champions of the Triwizard Tournament, they both had to participate.

There was no getting around it. That was the main subject of discussion between the two seekers as they prepared to leave the room. I vill stay by your side no matter vhat. If anyone of them try to be funny, they vill face my vand, and a trip to the infirmary.

Ve must show them that they cannot valk over us. Once Nicolae and Anastazja joined them, and showed their surprise at seeing Harry on board the ship, Viktor led them up to the top deck. The seeker spilled the entire incident at the Gryffindor common room out for his friends to hear.

Klaus had gone absolutely pale and was shaking with rage. Nicolae looked like a volcano that was about to erupt. Uliana appeared ready hex the entire Gryffindor house to next Saturday, while Anastazja, who despite looking the calmest of the four, had a dark look on her face, and she appeared to be holding Uliana back from Give It To You (Dead Zone Mix) - Martha Wash - Give It To You (Vinyl) off the ship and storming up to Hogwarts to deliver fiery justice.

Anyone meaning you harm will face our wands too. Harry felt a little better, but he was unsure of what he would be facing once he stepped back into the castle. The walk up to the Hogwarts castle was silent, and a little apprehensive.

But it was Harry that was the source of the apprehension, his Durmstrang bodyguards were firm, unmoving in their role of keeping Harry safe, and ever-alert with their wands at the ready to fire spells at some miscreant out to cause trouble.

Harry relaxed a little, as long as he stayed close to Viktor and his friends, he thought, the damage should be minimal. They reached the Entrance Hall. Behind the wooden doors of the Great Hall, chatter could be heard, albeit indistinctly, echoing from the chamber within.

Harry released a shaky sigh. Despite the doors being rather heavy, they still made a significant noise from being pushed open, hitting the stone archway with a thud and the rattling of their metal parts. This caused all chatter in the Great Hall to cease. The students and staff, from all three schools, turned towards the door, invariably at the group of five Durmstrang students and one Harry Potter.

Harry steeled his expression into a blank one, though he was screaming inwardly at the attention. The group nodded in agreement. Shove off! Gasps echoed throughout the hall, as the seeker stared down a trembling Ron with the fiercest expression anyone had ever seen. Students stood up, trying to get a better view, while those close enough to see the action clearly were staring in complete shock.

Even the staff, including Maxime and Karkaroff, were on their feet, wands at the ready should spells start flying. Ron quickly sat back down, cowering. Lowering his wand, Viktor nodded to Harry and his friends, before they took their places at the end of the table.

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  • Sep 05,  · Provided to YouTube by Sony Music Entertainment Congratulations · Caravelli · The Magnificent Strings La, La, La ℗ Originally released All rights reser.
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